Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Birthday

Our sweet princess Penny just celebrated her first birthday as a beloved daughter, cherished sister, granddaughter, and friend. And somehow, I still think I've gotten the best gift :)

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!  Mommy and Daddy love you very much!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. Psalm 100 v4 (NKJV)
Today, we give thanks with three precious new family members, on their first thanksgiving. And I am thankful.  From our home to yours, a blessed thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pen's First Civics Lesson

And she says, "If I can get out and help momma vote, you better vote too!" :) 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thoughts on Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday

The first Sunday of November is Orphan Sunday; a time for the church to collectively draw her eyes and heart to the plight of orphans at home & abroad.


God’s word speaks plainly to His concern for the welfare of the orphan, Isaiah 1:17 calls us to Defend the cause of the fatherless… a theme repeated in the James 1:27, which identifies pure religion as that which looks after the orphan and the widow in their distress.  Our own salvation through Christ has allowed us, who were spiritually orphaned, to become the adopted sons and daughters of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Knowing this should lead us to appreciate His concern for those both spiritually and physically orphaned all the more.


Just over 2 years ago, our family embarked on a journey to be obedient to the call to care for just one, and then two orphans. As God has led us on this path, We have been privileged to watch two forgotten children blossom into beautiful, beloved daughters and sisters.  God has expanded our physical family, and He’s expanded our community through relationships with other adoptive families.  Within our family and within these community relationships, we have laughed and cried. We’ve met milestones and exceeded expectations. We’ve screamed with frustration, gone without sleep, drank coffee by the pot-full, and zeroed out bank accounts.  We’ve experienced immense tangible blessing and felt the oppressive weight of intense spiritual attack.  We’ve watched the restoration of that which the locust have stolen…and we’ve cried when we realized that which is gone and will never be restored until that day our children are whole & healed with the Lord. And we have held each other up when our children’s physical bodies could no longer bear the effects of the suffering they had endured, and they were released home to Christ’s loving arms, whole & healed.  We’ve shared the Gospel. We have lived the Gospel. And while many try to paint us as extraordinary, daily we are emptied of our very ordinary selves, for the privilege of being filled by Christ.  We are not extraordinary, only extraordinarily tired :) And blessed.  So blessed are we, that no longer can our call be to one or two orphans. Though we may or may not ever individually adopt again, our eyes cannot turn from those who are left behind, and, as commanded in Isaiah, we can no longer cease to defend the cause of the fatherless.


So, if we may be so bold as to exhort you, please join us in praying. Praying for those children who wait. For those families called to them. For the authorities in positions at all levels of government with influence over their well-being. And for the Body of Christ, who may be outside these spheres, to recognize their ability to care for orphans without ever adopting, and thus fulfilling the command of God.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Coffee time

I need to blog more...hence, I need more coffee :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's the Final Day!

A note from Amy Rainy of Hidden Treasures Auctions:

"Greetings on a very drippy, wet morning.  At least, it is pretty soggy around my house!  If you need a ray of sunshine, stop by our Beautiful Brandi auction and see the lovely items that are up for bid this month.  I have to tell you, many of the items have bids well below their value.  Bidding has been slow this week.  Could you please take a moment to stop by?  If you bid earlier in the week, it is time to check up on your bid to make sure that it still stands as the highest for your item.  Thank you for once again being a part of the team that works hard to bring another precious child home!


Amy Rainey"

Beautiful Brandi


Please swing by and support this family and bring sweet Brandi HOME.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Growing by 6 feet, 17 lbs, and other amazing feats....

So, we've been busy little bees over here at Casa de Zinger. Since our one month update, we have continued to grow...lots. ;-)


6 Feet

Yup, six feet of growth, in just under two months. What, you can't do that? Well if you count these piggy toes
peek a boo!

And those ones that go here
First cookout

And then these
itty bitty baby toes
Belonging to
Julia Faith
Well now, that's 6 feet. (and 30 toes!)
Miss Julia Faith arrived bright and early on the 15th. After labouring at Nathaniel's basketball end of year shindig (and watching not-so-baby Baby Grey flirt shamelessly with the cheerleaders, oh my!) and wondering was this for real...yup, first contraction at home, it was for real. We had a beautiful home birth, and she was born "under the caul" which is something I was totally unfamiliar with, but is apparently super duper cool!
Little Miss Sunshine


Now, in case you are wondering about the 17 lbs......

Penny has gain slightly over 5 lbs, now weighing in at a fantastic 27 lbs, 5 oz, as of last Monday. Julia, who was a oh so petite 7 lbs, 6 oz at birth, is weighing 9 lbs 2 oz at not quite 3 weeks old. I produce butter, it would appear. Fanny-banannie is up to 32 +, bringing our grand total to 17 lbs.... Pen continues to do well with her tube feedings, and we got the all clear to both 1) begin cycling the feeds, and 2) reintroduce some oral feeding. Bring on the return to a sense of normal, or at least included, at meal times. I know she's getting fed 24/7/365 and gaining, but it kills my momma's heart to not offer her anything at the dinner table. :( She does not seem to care....even a tiny little bit, so we'll see how eating again goes. At least it is no pressure.
Fanny's glasses have arrived. She's so not feeling the love. I had hoped for a ahh-haaa moment of realization and never to be removed again. Well hope's free.... Not so much. The glasses are a bit awkward, particularly for her super narrow face. The lens are inclined to hit her lashes too. Honestly, this would drive me stark raving mad, so I can imagine her relative reluctance. And, it is a huge, overwhelming, rush of stimuli when one goes from seeing nearly nothing (except dessert across the table, because girlfriend can spot that!) to! So we are working on it a bit at a time. She got an all clear from orthopaedics this week, will see GI and nutrition soon (but the food spitting is reduced, PTL!), and hopefully neurology as well. She remains a general enigma, and it is at times very, very hard to not have what feels like the first earthly clue what it is that she wants or needs. We have found a few likes though, including calorie bomb pudding (Daddy's special concoction and the likely impetuous of the 3 lbs of weight gain), latch board puzzles, books that play music, Aunt Stormy's music time, Toby Mac with Sarah (dancing like you ought to be playing Cotton Eye Joe, but I digress), and the park. Here's proof:
Fantastic Fanny rides again!
She got on that ....uhhh rocking bug? all by her sweet self, and figured out how to ride it too. Big girl!
Pen is also enjoying music, particularly at church during praise and worship, though perhaps not so much Toby Mac (however George Straight made her pretty giddy!) She's fascinated with the piano, as is Julia, who gets lulled to sleep when Sarah holds her and plays. Penny actually touched the piano, which was cool.  She's not so much sure about hair bands....and really likes Nathaniel.

Sorry, last one is blurry, but I was sure I had about a second & a half to capture that one. She's adjusting nicely to Julia-aka Squeaky Pink Interloper. She was not so sure initially. Which was a bit astounding, but I guess, from an attachment standpoint, being peeved about the new little twerp that is on MY MOMMA'S lap, is a beautiful thing. Who knew?  It is improving though, really:
Oh yeah? Well, let me tell you about.....
*Sigh* And that, dear friends, probably is all that is new in my world. Today is Iain's 9th birthday, and we are off to go enjoy some fantastic ice cream cake and dinner at the corral. Be blessed!
PS-Don't forget to head over to Hidden Treasures for the Beautiful Brandi support auction. Everything wraps up on the 7th, and this sweet girl needs to get home ASAP! She looks to be as fragile as Pen (I wasn't lucky enough to meet her) and she is soooo much younger, so some things that we are facing now that are not correctable, do NOT have to be a part of her future! Please support their family as you are able!